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Sehat Salamat

Group Health Insurance Plan


Sehat Salamat Plan is a collective health insurance policy offered to a group of individuals. This plan allows companies, organizations, banks, and even housing societies to procure health insurance for their entire staff or members. The employer pays the premium of this policy, while all employees and their families can avail the benefits. A Sehat Salamat Plan is beneficial for both the employers as well as the employees. While employees get health coverage benefits, employers get the increased chances of an employee staying in the company. In addition, the employer also gets tax benefits for providing such policies to its employees


A mutual relationship always exists between an employer and an employee. While employees contribute to your success, they and their families are dependent on you for their future. When your employees suffer misfortune in the form of any accident or illness, it can disrupt the routine and also cause a serious dent, emotionally and financially. As life follows no fixed patterns, taking care of your employees' financial security is your moral responsibility. State Life Insurance Corporation, “AAA” rated company introduces, Sehat Salamat Plan which offers financial support to your employees and their families during such times.


This insurance is available to your employees and their family members, including spouses and dependent children, between the age of 0 days and 65 years. A minimum of 25 Insured Persons are required to be covered under this policy.

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